Man-Milk It Does A Busty Body Good

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For many years, has strived to convince girls that male nut-juice contains many nutrients that are healthy for growing, big-boobed females. We stand by this mantra. Betty Blac continues her rack attack at XLGirls and in this horny, pure-sex scene, her first XXX for us, Betty pole-dances well with her new friend Al. Al is entranced by Betty's huge 36K top-shelf and owes us big-time for this blind date. If he wasn't a tit-man before, he is now. Betty has a beautiful face, too, as well as a great smile and a pleasing personality. Watching Betty fuck, and fuck so well, it's a surprise to know that she only dated women until she was 28. "The first time I had sex was with a woman. I was 21 years. I started dating men when I lived in Australia and since then have dated a majority of men. I still love women but my attraction to men is stronger and I love cock." It wouldn't be a leap to wonder how Betty would be with a guy and an equally busty girl in bed. Lusty, like she is here, we're sure. "I tend to be passive when it comes to sex. Sometimes I initiate things but the majority of the time, the guy will start things up." Holding Al's shaft directly in front of her mouth, tongue outstretched, Betty jerks his cock with precise strokes to a messy, happy ending. She's most definitely making up for lost pussy-fucking time. Quick, give this girl a thermometer so she can check how hot she is! Show Betty some love and comment.