Voluptuous Xtra

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Old porn setups never get old and this one is a favorite of building supers and maintenance men around the world regardless of nationality. Samantha Kay calls the grizzled maintenance man Mr. Roper (yes, Mr. Roper) because she's having trouble with her leaky pipes. The "pipe" man who comes to fix it looks like he could do with some pipe laying himself. "Forty-six double-Ds and all real," Samantha tells him. Samantha starts squeezing milk out of her jugs, giving Mr. Roper a taste he hasn't sampled in over 50 years. Samantha treats him to a jump show, her big, fleshy, malleable, doughy tits bouncing like crazy. Samantha has the kind of hooters that can be squeezed, pulled and squished very easily. Samantha squats over his face so he can tongue her cunt. She shrieks, squeals and in general makes a lot of sex noises. She makes noise lustily sucking his good wrench. She makes noises when she's impaled by his pipe. You get a girl like this in the sack, you'd better shut the fucking windows. The closing tit-fuck must be mentioned as it's picture perfect with him busting his nut with his cock sandwiched between her soft, kneady jugs. He doesn't have to jerk himself off like some of these porn clowns. Whatever happened to Samantha Kay? She was one hot Voluptuous fuck-toy and her porn time was too short. She decided she had sown enough wild oats and switched to a quieter life. This scene is on the DVD Voluptuous Xtra #10 and available from eBoobStore.com.