Molly Howard in It Takes Two

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If you were impressed by the incredible team-up of Molly Howard and Marilyn Mayson in their sex-drenched threesome, "Marilyn & Molly: The Black-Up Plan," your senses will be raised to big-boob overload with "It Takes Two." In this wild three-way free-way, Molly is ravished by big-dicked studs J Mac and Largo and gives back as hot and as horny as she's given. Decked to kill in a mesh bodysuit and skyscraper heels, Molly puts on a T&A show for her two servicemen and when they can't handle the strain anymore and need to take her body, they lay her out and have her whip out their trouser-sausages. Molly takes turns fucking and sucking, her mouth and hot cunt eager to be filled and drilled. A score card may be necessary to keep up with all of the positions the two dirty bastards come up with to keep Molly stuffed and happy! It may take two to satisfy Molly but it takes one ultra-horny young beauty to drain their strength like Delilah drained Samson and Molly is up for the task!