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Did we say that Alyson Galen's boyfriend, who encouraged her to submit to, is a lucky dude? The nature of still photography and videography being what they are, it's a fact that a girl's boobs look much bigger on video than they do in a photograph. This is especially evident in this video of Alyson whose tits look fuckin' enormous here, bigger than in her still photos. Lollipop-sucker Alyson also has massive areolae. One of her areolae looks bigger than an average-sized girl's entire breast. Jelena Jasper, Maria Moore, Kayla Maze, Melonie Rose, Kristina Milan, Molly Howard, Sammie Black and, over at SCORELAND, Cindy Cupps have some major pancake-sized areolae but we suspect Alyson has a pair of the biggest yet at Those impressive areolae have not gone unnoticed by several XL guys. One called "alysonLover" notes "More please She is amazing, nice thick legs and great thick breasts with large aereolas. She is my dream women!!!" Let's roll the video and thank you, Alyson Galen!