Hootered Hooker

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Let's pretend for a second that Christy Marks is a hooker. Wait, we're not throwing around the term loosely here. We're not saying it in the terms of "That girl is such a hooker because she is with a different guy all the time." No, that is not how we mean it. We're saying close your eyes. Imagine that you are on a desolate street and you spot a prostitute selling her fleshy wares to the highest bidder. That's the kind of hooker we are referring to. In this clip, Christy Marks plays the part of Candy, a streetwise hooker who gets picked up by a John who takes her to a hotel with a hot tub with only one request; to watch her masturbate and touch her tits while inundated in sudsy water. Okay, we know that no person in their right mind would pay a hooker JUST for that and then not fuck her brains out. Especially when that hooker is Christy "Huge Tits You Wanna Cream On" Marks, but we're imagining, remember? So, in this fantasy, Christy's a hooker with a heart of gold and a rack full of suds, and that's about it.