Cock For Tatiana

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An ex-boyfriend, a reader, recommended that curvy and heavy-breasted 36J-cup hottie Tatiana Blair send some pictures to our studio. She was interested and the rest happily fell into place. As it turned out, Tatiana was game for everything. "I think my height makes my boobs look even bigger," said Tatiana in her sexy voice. No man has hands big enough to cover her tits. "If I were taller then maybe it wouldn't be as big of a deal. It makes shopping for clothes interesting too. I have to buy large tops to fit my boobs. And finding pants that are short enough for me is really hard. "I wear tank-tops a lot of the time. I just hate the feeling of wearing a bra, so I don't. I'm not going to make myself uncomfortable. But because I don't wear bras I do get a lot of attention for my boobs. So a lot of the time I'll wear a sweater to try to cover up a little bit."