Big-titted Billie Jean may not be your lover but she is your jack fantasy

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"I like wearing sexy, tight dresses and tight jeans when I go out," 48-year-old wife Billie Jean Austin said. "It depends on my mood, but in general, I like form-fitting clothing. I wear G-strings or nothing at all." Here, she starts off in a form-fitting little dress that shows off her big tits and eventually strips down to nothing at all. Billie Jean has FFF-cup boobs, a 29-inch waist and 36-inch hips, which is impressive at any age, especially 48. But, of course, here at, we're accustomed to MILFs with great bodies. They're our raison d'etre. Billie Jean was born in South Carolina and lives in San Antonio, Texas. She used to be an exotic dancer and a medical assistant, two jobs that have nothing in common. She said, "The people who know me would not be surprised to see me doing this. I love being in the nude whenever I can." Favorite TV show: "I don't care for TV shows, but I love movies." Perfect day: "A great lunch on a patio and a glass of wine." She wants to travel to Japan. She found us. She's been a swinger but isn't one now. But she does fuck men who aren't her husband. We know that for a fact. We've seen it. We're going to see it again.