Too Much Woman For Just One Man

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They're horny in Texas. Sabrina Linn is the ever-lovin' proof of that claim. Things start serenely enough for Sabrina in "Too Much Woman For Just One Man." She is all that. She is too much woman for one man. Two men, Juan and John, will be required to do the job. She wakes up quietly in bed, sandwiched between two SCORE horn-dogs. The sight turns on Sabrina's switches so she reaches out to play with their cocks. In a few seconds, they're as thick as a brick and begin feeding her. They feast on her pierced nipples and finger her pierced, wet pussy as things escalate to blast furnace intensity. Sabrina takes turns sucking their horns hands-free. While sucking Juan on her knees in a doggie pose, her second stud John takes her from behind. She mounts Juan's scrotum saddle in cowgirl while John fucks her slurping mouth. It's now John's turn to be ridden, in reverse cowgirl like the Texan tornado Sabrina is. Pulling her back allows us to see his thruster ramming into her while Juan can fill her throat. John pulls his cock out of Sabrina's pussy-hole and slides it up her butthole. When he is finished for the moment, the guys tag-team and now Juan begins to fuck Sabrina's ass from the side. This threesome is far from finished with their fun and games. There is a matter of jizz deployment to be decided. Will it go into Sabrina's mouth? Her pussy? Her asshole? Or on her tits or face? That would be telling! Welcome back, Sabrina Linn!