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Stacey Monroe is out to have a whopping good time at SCOREVideos and the little 20 year-old California hottie is equipped for it with 34F-cup hooters, a curvy little booty and a body built for a man to plow, ravish and irrigate with nut sauce. Stacey is dressed to show it all with a yellow tank-top over a push-up bra and denim shorts chopped so high, they're more like panties than shorts. Tall fuck-me heels on her feet complete the human love-doll look. She's very quiet aside from the little noises she makes and the fuck word now and then while Al works her over. Al feasts on her big chocolate tits at Stacey's invitation. Shorn of her clothing, Stacey climbs on top of Al and buries his face in her soft, huge 34F-cup tits. She pulls a move that looks really hot. Hovering over his dick while she is on top of him, she sucks his bone hands-free while she uses her hands to touch and lift her tits. Hands-free cock sucking is the sign of a great blow-job artist. Al lays Stacey on her back and fucks her tits. When his cock-head slides through her cleavage and reaches her lips, she sucks the tip. We can't believe that this girl says she only has sex once a week! Al slides his cock into Stacey's cunt and pumps away, then smoothly segways into sliding into her butthole which looks very tight. He ass-fucks Stacey side-saddle first, then has her get on her knees so he can tap that ass doggie-style. In this position, Stacey can really get drilled hard. Al pours it on while Stacey spreads her ass crack with a hand so he can get into her ass even deeper. They swap positions, placing Stacey in reverse-cowgirl on top. In this position, Stacey's own body weight drives his tube-steak even deeper into her anus. After fucking Stacey like this, the great strain on Al's cock-vein pops the old "thermo-meater," resulting in a large dose of jack sauce sprayed all over Stacey's cute face, coating her like she was hit by a pie from her chin to her forehead. Thank you for the hot fuck, Stacey Monroe! Enter your comments and show Stacey some love. What SCORE stars do you want to see back in future hard SCOREvideo scenes? Email their names to