She once gave a blow job on a ride at EPCOT. Now shes fucking a young dude for all of us to see

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In this scene, 54-year-old Abi James fucks 29-year-old James, who just happens to be hanging out at her house. Well, she happens to be horny, so she flashes him her tits, and away they go. Abi is very impressive for someone who's new to fucking on-camera. She doesn't shy away from getting face-fucked, has no gag reflex, lovingly sucks balls and fucks passionately. One of the highlights of this scene is when James picks her up and fucks her while standing, and Abi cums often and loudly. Then he places her on the couch and fucks her hard and deep in the missionary position, basically having no mercy on her pussy, not that she wants any. Finally, after banging her from behind, he shoots his load all over her pretty face, getting some on her nose, and she sucks off the excess. By the way, Abi is a mother of three. Do her kids know she sucks cock on-camera with that mouth? She works in a beauty salon. Lots of horny women work in beauty salons. Abi is one of them. Kinds of guys she likes: "This is a loaded question. Physically, I like a nice smile and eyes and nice shoulders. Oh, my goodness, I am totally a shoulder person. I like someone who is confident but not cocky. And someone who cares about their appearance. However, I am extremely sapiosexual. I have met men that were average looking, but after a great conversation, they had me melted into butter. And I do like a man who has an alpha personality but likes to please their partner." Her perfect day: "I'd have to say relaxing with my family and friends. Maybe on a beach or a boat, unplugged with no technology, just enjoying the moment. Then, maybe, ending the evening with a great dinner, watching the sunset and then, of course, crawling into bed and, well, you know...." Kinkiest sexual encounter: "There was this time with my ex-husband.... We were on a ride at EPCOT and his parents were in the seat in front of us. As soon as it started, I put my hands down his pants and pulled out his cock. And then I gave him a blow job. I remember thinking, "I wonder if the camera is gonna catch us ... or his parents." We are since divorced, but it's funny because we still talk about that."