Laila Lust Lusty Busty

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SCORELAND: What is the funniest pick-up line a guy ever said to you? Laila Lust: "He asked 'Can I get your number?' I said no. Then he said 'I will offer you $1000 for a model shoot cause you're very attractive.'" SCORELAND: What kind of dates do you like to go on? Laila Lust: I like to go to a lounge with good music and an interesting atmosphere. SCORELAND: Are you into any fetishes? Laila Lust: I'm down with a lot of things. I like hair pulling. SCORELAND: What are your sexual fantasies? Laila Lust: To be handled and dominated. SCORELAND: The first time you had sex was... Laila Lust: It was with an ex and it was a really good experience. I learned more over the years.