Cheerful Chubette

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Here's a lovely girl who smiles a lot. "All the time," says Emma, known as Smiley Emma. She does have a beautiful smile. "I'm genuinely nice, easy to talk to and I am very silly. I think my best physical features are my smile and my boobs. True and there's a lot more about Emma to make a guy smile and pitch a tent. She can suck her own nipples (and hold them in her mouth) and she also sports a bush. "I like a guy to be nice and genuine. Someone who is honest. Just be yourself and be silly. I really don't go on dates. I get to know a guy and if sex happens, it happens." Emma's got 44-inch boobs and wears 34M UK-size bras. "If I'm going out, I'll be wearing a cleavage-showing top and a sexy, lacey thong. At home, I prefer no clothes at all!" Sounds good to us. Ya gotta love a girl who smiles a lot, who can suck her own nipples, and has a bush.