Charity Crawford Pumps Her Pussy on a Lucky Nerds Cock

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It's this nerd's lucky day. He's supposed to tutor Charity, who's a real princess type. Popular, pretty, used to getting what she wants. And Charity definitely doesn't want to study. She'd much rather get her pussy licked and fucked. Who is this nerdy guy to deny her? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him. Once her head is bobbing up and down his long cock, he agrees that this is way better than studying. Charity backs her ass up on his cock as they fuck doggie-style. She grinds her hips as she rides. She's definitely not a lay-there-like-a-dead-fish type. After pumping her pussy on his dick, she gets down on her knees and takes his load with her mouth open and tongue out. In this case, the tutor was the one who learned a lesson--and that lesson was that princesses always get what they want.