Jessy Bunny is Proud to Wave the Super-Busty Bimbo Flag

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Bubbly, sweet and happy Jessy Bunny is now a brunette and lives in Mallorca, a Spanish island and popular resort. Her tits are still huge and she's still one of the biggest Youtube bimbolicious stars. Just thinking about boobs makes Jessy horny. SCORELAND: Do other girls ever comment about your breasts or ask you questions? Jessy Bunny: Yes, it happens so often. Most often there are questions like, "How's my back handle them or if I really wanted them so big." But most often girls ask me which doctor made them so big. It seems like many girls would love to have really big boobs. SCORELAND: Have you ever seen another woman hit her husband or boyfriend for staring at you? Jessy Bunny: There were a few times when a woman and a man did start a real fight because he stared at me. Sometimes women send me mean pics. The worst comment meant as a compliment I've gotten was "Your boobs look so natural!" SCORELAND: Because you love super-fake bimbo boobs. What kind of tops do you feel you look sexiest wearing? Jessy Bunny: I like the ones with deep cut-outs. I can't wear other tops because they really look stupid and my boobs need air to breathe.