48-year-old busty mom Mandi Mayes fucks on-camera for the first time

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This scene opens with an interview, and we have to give James credit for being enough of a gentleman to care enough about 48-year-old Mandi Mayes to ask her about herself. The fact is, she's dressed to fuck, and she's ready to fuck, but he wants to make her feel comfortable. She is, afterall, about to fuck on-camera for the first time. So, we find out that Mandi has three grown children and her youngest is 21. She finds out that he's 29, which means he's young enough to be her son. We find out that she's from Arizona, where it's hot and dry. Mandi is hot and wet, as he's about to find out. Her mouth is wet. Her pussy is wet. Her face is going to be wet from his cum. Shooting your load on a woman's face might not be the most-gentlemanly thing to do, but Mandi likes it. Mandi is married, and she and her husband are swingers. She told us she likes light BDSM. "I like being spanked, having my hair pulled, when it's done right, and light choking." Her fantasy is to be "massaged by three different men at the same time and see what it leads to." We have an idea of what it might lead to. Mandi knows what she'd like it to lead to: DVP, aka double vaginal penetration. We told you she's hot.