Speculum Play

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This is the first time an XLGirl has ever used a gynecologist's speculum on-camera. Speculum play is something extremely rare here. Who likes seeing girls use this medical device on themselves for pleasure? It blends the medical, the anatomical, the masturbatory and the clinical. Once upon a time, the great Autumn-Jade did a still shoot that included some speculum usage at the end. This scene with Laddie Lynn is much more extensive and way hotter. Laddie can be a very kinky girl. She's interested in various fetishes so she liked the idea of using the speculum in a video and pictorial to "explore my body and see deep inside my pussy." In her very sexy voice, Laddie talks about using the speculum in her pussy and all the hot things she can do with it. First, she wants to play with her big tits and spread and finger her pink punani before she sticks the clear plastic speculum deep inside. She rubs and squeezes her fleshy boobs and fingers her increasingly wet slit. When the speculum is inserted all the way in, one of the things Laddie does is insert her fingers into it and move it in and out of her cunt, masturbating with it. The mic picks up every squish-squish sound coming from her creamy pussy.