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"Being watched is a huge turn-on for me," said Lolli Jones, a 52-year-old wife, mother and grandmother who was born in Alabama and lives in Florida. "I love it when my husband is watching me get fucked as he is fucking another woman. But I like anyone watching, especially a man. I like knowing they are getting turned on watching me get off." You'll get turned on a lot watching Lolli, who has big tits, a voluptuous body and a nice pussy. Mrs. Jones, who's only 5'2" tall, is a horny hottie, exactly the kind of woman we love at 50Plus MILFs: What are your hobbies? Lolli: Reading, swimming and working out. I like going to the gym and hanging out with friends. 50Plus MILFs: When you are out in public, how do you dress? Lolli: It depends on where I am going. For a normal day, shorts and tanks with no bra. For other times, I will wear a sundress or jeans and a dress top. I do not ever wear a bra unless I am in the gym. 50Plus MILFs: What have you done for a living? Lolli: I have worked as a waitress, which I loved. I am a retired correctional officer. I was an office manager and HR manager for home health. 50Plus MILFs: How often do you masturbate? Lolli: Almost daily. I have a love for cumming. I will play with my pussy with my favorite toy, which is the Womanizer DUO. Even if I have sex and get off several times, I still like to masturbate.