The Bustiest Swedish Girl in The World

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XLGirls: Are you the bustiest Swedish girl in the world? Jennica: I have no Idea but I've never met anyone with bigger natural tits than me in Sweden. So let's say I am. XLGirls: Okay, we will. How is life in the UK different from life in Sweden? Jennica: Oh, well, I'm sure everyone has different answers to this but I prefer living in the UK. There's more to see and do in my free time. I guess I live more of an exciting life here. I will always love Sweden though. It's my home. XLGirls: So you're the bustiest Swedish girl in the world. So who's more boob-crazy, British guys or Swedish guys? Jennica: British guys! Or maybe it's just the British guys that show more that they are boob-crazy. XLGirls: Your first trip with The SCORE Group was to the Bahamas. What was that week like for you? Jennica: That was an amazing week! I remember it so well. The team took such good care of me, and it was a great experience. And I still have to say that the Bahamas is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. So a big thank you for that! XLGirls: You stopped off in Miami first and met the SCORE staff. Were they what you expected? Jennica: I actually didn't know what to expect, because at that time I had only done webcamming. I had no experience with modeling and was still nervous that I'd actually said yes to do this. But I was amazed by how friendly everyone was and professional!