Maxine Rouge Big Tits Furry Pussy

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Maxine debuted at XLGirls in a XXX scene. Now it's time to see what girls do when they're home alone. XLGirls: Do you always wear a bra? Maxine Rouge: Lately, I've been going braless more often to give them a rest. I'll only wear one if I feel like my nipples are too out there. XLGirls: What is your favorite position? Maxine Rouge: Either doggie or the mating press. [A variation of a missionary position with deeper penetration-editor.] XLGirls: What type of foreplay do you like? Maxine Rouge Nipple sucking, oral, making out, caressing, grinding, all of it! XLGirls: Where was your kinkiest sexual encounter? Maxine Rouge: I'd say when I was fingered out in the open in the park at night. Someone saw us, and we ran from the police. I used to suck dick and have sex in the park all the time. XLGirls: Are you into any fetishes? Maxine Rouge: Many! My personal favorite is water sports. XLGirls: Do you masturbate? Maxine Rouge: I do, multiple times a week. I prefer to do so with a vibrator, but sometimes my hands do just fine. I don't finger myself usually. It's mostly clitoral stimulation.