Redhead Molly Manning 48 fucks her panty-sniffing step-son

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Tony's dad married a hot piece of ass, and Tony wants what his father's brought home. But since he figures he can't, he sneaks into their marital bedroom, grabs a pair of her panties from a drawer, lies down in their bed, sniffs them and jerks off. A little harmless fun, right? Well, it is until his step-mother, 48-year-old Molly Manning, walks in on him. "What are you doing?" she asks. Well, it's pretty obvious. "I'm your step-mom and you shouldn't be doing that," Molly says. "But I would like to see it." It? His cock? Really? "I haven't been getting it from your dad lately much, so..." So, she's going to suck it and fuck it. And he's going to shoot his load in his step-mom's mouth. WARNING: Porn seems to be the only place where panty sniffers get the pussy, so if you're thinking about trying to repeat this scene with your own step-mom, you've been warned. Molly was born in Australia and lives in Los Angeles. She enjoys cycling, running, cooking and baking. She says when she goes out, how she dresses depends on whom she's with. "Sometimes slutty, sometimes conservative. Sex with younger men: "Yes. He was 20 and brave enough to approach me." He could've just tried sniffing her panties. That seems to work.