Curvy beautiful 58-year-old Bobbi knows what to do with your cock

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"I'm currently single, but when I'm with someone, I like to sneak little notes in his pocket before he heads off to work, sweet nothings or sexy suggestions he can look forward to later. I also give him plenty of compliments and send him sexy texts throughout the day. On game day, I make sure he's got his favorite refreshments and help cheer on his favorite team." The fact that Bobbi Shay, a 58-year-old divorcee and mom from Canada (she lives in California) doesn't have a boyfriend does not reflect well upon the men of the world. They should be lining up to be with her. But here, it's you and Bobbi in a POV scene in which the surrogate you fucks her every which way and cums all over her perfect ass. Bobbi's top three sexual encounters: "Giving someone a blow job in a hot air balloon, getting railed in a hot tub, and a threesome with two guys giving me more than I could handle." We're sure she handled them very well. Oh, and about meeting Bobbi. Maybe becoming her boyfriend: "You should win over my sister first. She knows me best and has my best interests." Listen, we don't know if that means we have to fuck Bobbi's sister first. But if she looks anything like Bobbi, we're in.