Redheaded MILF Molly Manning is oh-so-smooth with that toy of hers

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Molly Manning is hard at work, but after she closes her laptop to take a break, you're going to be hard from watching her work her pussy with a big toy. Molly has nice tits with perpetually hard nipples and a big clit, but what makes her extra-special is what we call her Pussy Toy Dexterity. What we mean is, she handles that toy of hers like she's a natural, the way a professional tennis player handles a racquet or a golfer handles a club. She smoothly works it in and out of her snatch. She knows what she's doing, and what she's doing is getting herself off and you, too. Molly is a stunning redhead who was born in Australia and lives in Los Angeles. She's a divorcee and mom, and she told us that when she masturbates, she uses "two toys, one on my clit and one in my pussy." See? Pussy Toy Dexterity at is finest. 40Something: Have you ever had sex with a much-younger man? Molly: Yes. He was 20 and brave enough to approach me. 40Something: Do you like to be watched while you're having sex? Molly: Yes. I am an exhibitionist. Side note: She's not, however, a swinger or a nudist. 40Something: Have you ever had sex with another woman? Molly: No, but I want to. And we'd love to watch.