XXX cougar Sophia West loves knowing that youre watching and jacking off to her

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When we asked Sophia West, a 48-year-old cougar from Atlanta, Georgia, about her kinkiest sexual encounter, she gave us an answer we'd never heard before. "I was sold at an auction to a couple once for a night," Sophia said. "I was on-stage, and people could bid on me then they could do whatever they wanted with me. Within reason, of course." Hey, we don't need anything crazy. Sophia sucking our cock and fucking us would do just fine. Maybe some anal action, too, because Sophia is into that (as you'll see the next time we feature her at For now, all you have to do to enjoy Sophia is be a paid-up member, and you can imagine that it's your cock she's sucking and fucking in this mostly P.O.V. scene. Fetishes: "I love being tied up, public sex, being loaned out and stuff like that. I think it's hot being someone who people can just fuck and then not ever see them again." What gets her off: "I love having multiple partners. Hands, cocks, pussies everywhere. It's so fun." Being watched while fucking: "I love it. That's why I do porn. I love knowing anyone can see me."