Oiled Swimsuit Babe

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Hit the pool with Mahogany Masters for an afternoon of swimsuit, oiling and body-play action. A nice, sunny day with a lady like Mahogany makes everything A-OK. It's an unbelievable sight when Mahogany unties her pink bikini and it falls off her chest to reveal the rest of her twin wonders. Then the bottoms come off and Mahogany oils her 42K-cups until they shine in the sun. "I hope you don't mind me going crazy with this oil," Mahogany said. Then her ass gets the same treatment. "Did I get both sides?" She has a very sexy voice and gives good eye-contact. Totally immersed in oil, Mahogany lies back on a deck chair and spreads her legs wide. It's time to give herself a hand party and cum in the sun.