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There's good-looking and there's beautiful. Maya Milano is beautiful. Botticelli would have asked Maya to model for one of his paintings. The curvy brunette was blessed with big boobs that are firm and packed. Unless Maya dresses in a floor-length mu-mu, she can't help but attract male attention anytime, anywhere. Said Maya, "A man I did not know walked over to me and said that I have the best boobs in the city. He said this in a polite way and was not vulgar, so I was flattered. When I was on a road over a river in Prague and the photographer was taking my picture, some drivers slowed and tapped on their horns. They made me laugh. "The most fun I have had at anything is modeling. Every day I have posed for SCORE is different. I feel more comfortable every time and I have learned a lot of techniques. Maybe one day I will be part of group shootings like Arianna Sinn, Vanessa and other beautiful girls." In this video, we get another look at Maya's fantastic and full tits, and she spreads and rubs her hot button.