Summers step-son glazes her face with his load

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So, Summer Stevens' step-son - we'll call him Parker - is taking a shower, and he has an audience: his 48-year-old step-mom. Watching him gets her turned-on, so she lies down in HIS bed and starts rubbing her pussy. When he emerges from the shower, he's shocked by what he sees, but as Summer says, "Step-moms have needs, too." She needs to suck his cock. He needs to eat her pussy and fuck it, and when he can't hold back any longer, man, does he ever glaze her face with cum! Summer gets coated in a 20-year-old's jizz. 40Something: Have you ever been with a younger man before? Summer: Yes. He was 20 years younger than me. We met at a swingers place and had sex for an hour. He ended up being a fuck buddy. 40Something: You're a swinger. Do you like to be watched while you're having sex? Summer: I don't mind it. Hopefully others get pleasure from watching my enjoyment. 40Something: Do you initiate sex or wait for him to make the first move? Summer: If the moment is hot, I'll go for it first.