Remi Ferdinand in Toyland

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That's a giant cock-shaped toy Remi Ferdinand dicks herself with in this scene. First, Remi rubs it on her huge tits and massages her bushy pussy with her fingers before she gets busy with that monster. The last time we checked, Remi Ferdinand hadn't watched all of her XXX videos. "Obviously, I'm going to get horny seeing myself fucked. I could masturbate but where's the fun in that? Maybe this is why I haven't seen them. I'll make it a point to fuck while watching myself fucking and report back." Dressing up and being appreciated makes Remi a sexy girl. "I take great care with my style. I love to dress in many different ways. Sometimes very feminine, sometimes with a slight edge. I also love putting the ladies on display. Everyone loves a great set of tits sitting perfectly in a nice outfit." We agree 100%.