Billie Jean Austin Texas Barbie The Big Dick-down

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Billie Jean Austin's bought a new dress that looks very Barbie. It's tight and pink with white polka dots. It's just right for Billie Jean because she has a Barbie pin-up look. With much bigger tits, of course. Peter Fitzwell comes from work and he's exhausted, but seeing Billie Jean super-charges him. Billie Jean suggests a nice massage to soothe his frayed nerves. It'll be very soothing because Billie lowers the top of her dress and exposes her extremely large breasts. She massages his chest with her boobs. The massage doesn't last long when Peter helps Billie Jean get naked. Billie's man-pleasing personality, glamour-girl looks and her beautiful, slim and busty body make Peter completely forget his day. He eats out her pussy, savoring the taste and enjoying her cries of enjoyment. When he removes his face from between Billie Jean's thighs, he has a stiff cock ready for her. Billie happily sucks and licks his shaft and balls and holds her tits together so he can fuck them. Peter's big cock slides up Billie's wet pussy when she mounts him in a cowgirl position and begins fucking him. A screamer, Billie Jean moves up and down on the pole faster and faster. She wants every inch filling her hot pink cooch. Billie loves it hard and deep and Peter is happy to give her what she craves and pound her in a variety of positions. "Billie was sexy, enthusiastic and full of positive energy," Peter told us when the smoke cleared. "I would absolutely shoot with her again."