Busty Booking

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Here's some truth for you: When you break the law, the law will come and break you, buddy. Those are the cold, hard facts and anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something. Now, paying the consequences for being bad is not always the worst thing that could happen. Especially if you're getting hauled into central booking and getting booked by the biggest boobs in the biz, man. Meet Officer Marks, big-titted law-enforcer and punisher of bad boys like you. While she waits for her prisoners to be transferred, Officer Marks makes some horny phone calls and checks out mugshots. She gets so worked up thinking about punishing her soon-to-arrive prisoners that she has to diddle herself on her desk. We're sure you don't mind watching Officer Marks explore her own crime scene. In fact, we're sure that this is what you want to see before you do some, um, hard time.