Nicole Colina First XXX for The iXLGirls

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When Nicole Colina came on board, guys who hadn't written in years hit the comments board. When Dave blogged about Nicole doing her very first boy-girl, the blog lit up. Nicole's giant breasts weighed heavily on their minds and they had to express themselves. Nicole is showing us her skin-exposing lingerie, leaving little to the imagination, when X-Man Fernando shows to check out her luscious, thick body and massive breasts. He unties her ribbon-style top so he can feel-up her tits and put a lip-lock on her nipples. Nicole likes to look at the camera while she's being fondled or while she's got her hands on him. Nicole swings her gigantic breasts and looks at the camera, sticking her tongue out. She is ready to blow him and then sit on his cock and ride. They take a break so she can lie on her back and feel his tongue dance on her pussy. Nicole and Fernando resume their fucking until he can't hold back and nuts on her magnificent chest.