Anastasia Doll The Tits Tugs Affair

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Anastasia Doll is having the best day. She takes off the tight white dress clinging to her shapely body because she wants to try on bras and panties. She peels off her purple bra, turns around to show and slap her bubble butt and removes her panties. Anastasia sucks on one finger, then two fingers and rubs her pussy with the panties. The white bra and thong panties is what she wants to wear. She says the white will look perfect with her black hair. She places the bra over her tits, hooking it from the front and turning it around, then putting the straps over her shoulders. Anastasia lies back on the bed to play with her pussy but only for a few seconds because she wants to try on one more bra and panty set. It would be difficult to tell her which is the best one because she looks extremely sexy in each one. Sitting down on a chair by the bed, Anastasia says she wants to try something different. She has a very flirty look in her eyes and has a big smile as she wiggles her finger to summon Stanley who's been waiting all this time on the sidelines. "They're yours now so you have to take care of my tits," Anastasia tells him. This is something we've never seen before. She has always been alone in her scenes. He fondles Anastasia's tits still in her bra while she feels his package. Anastasia lowers her bra to show how hard her nipples have gotten. When she opens his pants, his boner pops out. "Oh, wow," Anastasia murmurs with pleasure. "It's so hard for me. I'm so lucky." Pleased that the sight of her made him stiff, she takes his cock in her hands, strokes it and rubs it against her nipples. Pressing her boobs together, Anastasia spits in her cleavage and moves her breasts up and down, his cock sandwiched between them. Anastasia stands up and they get into bed. She gets on top of Stanley and liberally douses her boobs with oil so she can roll back and forth on his dick as he squeezes them together. That's only the beginning. There are more positions in tit-fucking for them to explore.