All Eyes on Billie Jean Austin

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Billie Jean Austin was once an exotic dancer, just like the original SCORE Girls used to be. She has the classic SCORE Girl look, and she has the dance moves, too. This blonde hottie also worked as a nurse, a job quite a few SCORE Girls move into after their modeling careers end. Billie Jean found SCORE. We didn't find her. Superwoman Billie Jean has 38FFF-cup boobs, a 29-inch waist and 36-inch hips. She keeps in shape with gym workouts and hot yoga. "I like foreplay and watching porn when I have sex," Billie said. "I like wearing sexy, tight dresses and tight jeans when I go out. It depends on my mood, but in general, I like form-fitting clothing. I wear G-strings or nothing at all." You can bet all eyes are on Billie Jean Austin when she goes out.