A tight little MILF named Phoenix Angel

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"Most definitely!" 49-year-old MILF Phoenix Angel said when we asked her if people would be surprised to see her doing porn. "I've always been known as sweet, down-to-earth and funny but also private all my life. People would lose their minds." You're going to lose your load watching this hottie with a tight little body, a fine ass, dark areolae and a very pink pussy that she fingers deep. Phoenix, like Naughty Alysha, seems to have a case of pussy fascination, meaning she's fascinated by her own pussy. We could stare at it for hours, too. Sexual fantasies: "I love to be dominated by a man who wants to fuck me badly. Maybe blindfold me, make me wonder what he's going to do to me, tie my wrists or legs to a chair or bed if he wants me not to move for a little while. Talk to me in my ear. Tell me nasty things, what he wants to do to me or make me do for him." Kinkiest sexual encounter: "An old boyfriend and I had sex in the secluded part of a public park on top of a picnic table. It was a rush and sexy until an alligator came out of the water and walked toward our area." Uh-oh. Hobbies: Traveling, reading, dancing, do-it-yourself design and renovation. Do it yourself? We're gonna do it right now, Phoenix.