Meet big-titted swinging wife and mom Kristee Lix

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"I'm no stranger to being watched, and there's nothing hotter than having intense sex with one guy and looking up to see four more standing there jacking their cocks while they watch me," said Kristee Lix, a 47-year-old cougar from Arkansas who's now living in Oklahoma with her husband and kids. "My family would be surprised to see me here," she said, "but my LS family would cheer me on." That's LS as in lifestyle, as in Kristee and her husband are swingers and have been for 11 years. We asked Kristee about her wildest swinging experience, and she said, "Probably the 40- to 50-person DTF orgies that we attend regularly. So much fun." DTF...down to fuck. Kristee is down to fuck, but today, she's going to introduce herself to us by showing off her big tits and voluptuous body and getting off in the kitchen. There's no cooking going on, but Kristee is hot. Hobbies: "Karaoke, float trips, making T-shirts and lifestyle parties." Perfect day or evening: "A float trip on the river with a cold beverage and about 20 or more of my lifestyle friends." How she dresses in public: "Sexy but somewhat age appropriate. Shorts with a sexy tank top or a cute summer dress." We're sure all eyes are on those tits.