Demmy Blaze Blazing Glory

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"Different things make me laugh," said Demmy Blaze, one of the most serious-minded SCORE Girls. Photography and videography, wardrobe, makeup and locations are always on her mind. "I tried a virtual reality game with a friend and another friend filmed us. That was a lot of fun." Demmy tends to wear sexy, eye-catching clothing and lingerie when she's in model-mode. The top she wears in this shoot can barely contain her breasts from overflowing. This set was chosen by the editor of Voluptuous magazine for publication in Volume 30 Number 2. Demmy is the covergirl of that issue. Demmy started her professional modeling career when she went to the well-known Ukrainian bra specialist shop Brazerie to buy lingerie and bras. She showed the manager some of her photos and was offered a job modeling their lingerie and bras for their catalogs. This began her relationship with the company. In the beginning of her association with SCORE and Voluptuous magazines, and SCORELAND in 2016, Demmy kept her panties on. She went fully nude during 2018's On Location North Coast in the Dominican Republic. Today, she strikes open-leg poses and started sporting a vertical hood piercing above her pussy in early 2023.