Tanya Virago Lady In Red

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Tanya Virago's red Latex dress clings to her slim and super-stacked figure like a second skin. Lovely Tanya sheds it to spritz her huge tits with whipped cream and adds a strawberry on top of each breast. She licks off the cream and fucks her pussy with a huge dildo. SCORELAND: What kind of guys do you prefer to shoot scenes with? Tanya Virago: I am especially pleased to work with those who are professional, polite and respectful of other performers and crew. It is also very important that during the work there is a tacit contact that will help to understand each other during the shooting. SCORELAND: What sex positions have you seen or read about that you haven't done but would like to try? Tanya Virago: I have already tried all the positions that are shot in porn movies. Perhaps I should seek help from the Kama Sutra. SCORELAND: Why do so many porn actors need to use their hand to cum in a scene? Is it because they "train" themselves to orgasm that way? Tanya Virago: In my opinion, not exactly as you said. They do not "train" themselves to their hand. The work of the performer is quite complex and responsible. During filming, guys need to focus their attention on the process, and that is why, when the moment of cum in a scene, some guys use their hand, because with it they can do it quickly and qualitatively.