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Laurella has an extremely strong resemblance to Bozena, a Czech legend. Like Bozena, Laurella went right for the cock, and while she does do very nice solo posing, if a babe is going to screw right from the beginning, let's go for it. A secretary by profession, Laurella said she has lots of sex in her spare time. Cock-sucking and tit-fucking seem to be what she does best. Someone trained her well. Her chap didn't suck her nipples, and this omission bothered us for a few weeks after we saw this scene. "I don't like to show my breasts too much when I dress. I usually dress sporty and elegant. Making the video was different. Dressing my tits in sexy tops is a must for everyone watching, no? I love my tits but I do not like to flaunt them when I go out. "All my life, many men will come up to me and say 'Wow, you have big breasts!' I just say thank you. They should say other things. I know I have big breasts. I see them in the mirror every day. I am not going to go home with every man who gives me a compliment but I might give some my email. They should say something like 'Your sweater looks very good on you' or something of this nature. "I like a man who makes me feel sexy. Once he can do that, I will give him everything he wants because I am a very assertive, aggressive woman. I know what men like."