Lissa Hope The Busty Teen Next Doors Sexcellent Adventure

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TSG's editors called Lissa Hope's introduction "Great Moments In SCORELAND History." Lissa is adjusting her massive natural boobs nestled in her lacey lingerie when Oliver shows. Lissa is ready to surprise him with an award-winning blow job and tit-fuck, and much more. He spends quality time sucking and fondling Lissa's breasts. Now they're ready to fuck. Lissa responds in a very erotic and sensuous way as they try different positions. She's feelin' it. "Sexually, I'm very passive," said Lissa, who grew up on a farm in a small town in Idaho. "I like to have my nipples sucked on, and be fingered slowly. My favorite position is doggie." So what did 19-year-old Lissa think about this first experience? "It was pretty good. I was nervous, but it was good. I also wanted to be very good at it. I think I'm pretty good at it anyway, but I wanted to be really good on-camera. It was very surreal. I felt like I wasn't living my life before. Growing up in such a judgmental culture that even now, being in Las Vegas and coming into my own, sometimes I'll have experiences that don't feel real to me. I feel like I'm living my life now for the first time."