Busty Bound

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Merilyn runs a coil of nylon rope around her tasty body. What is she thinking? Those of you who understand Ukrainian will know. Whatever she is moaning, it sounds drippingly hot and sexy in her low, contralto voice. She uncoils the rope and wraps it around her breasts in a decorative package. There is a form of sexual bondage in Japan called shibari. Maybe Merilyn has seen videos or pictures of women breast-tied this way. She releases the rope, then rebinds herself. The blood begins to collect, making her breasts pinker. Merilyn pinches her nipples to stimulate the pleasure chemical oxytocin that is released from nipple arousal. Uncoiling the rope, she begins to lightly flagellate her love-lips. The waves of pleasure are too much for her. She has to cum. She sticks her right forefinger inside her snatch and rubs, making sure to stroke her clitty. A few minutes and Merilyn sexplodes. Relief has been a rub away. Her stress has disappeared, replaced by ecstasy. Sleepy-eyed, she says goodbye in Ukrainian. Goodnight, dear Merilyn.