Fit Titz

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Ever go to a fitness center and find yourself watching a girl on the machines instead of fully concentrating on your exercises? Sure you have. We all have. How many of them looked like Bridgette B. and had Bridgette's fantastic body? Bridgette B. has her own special workout technique and SCORELAND's showing it. Bridgette's big boobs jiggle on the cardio machine. She uses an exercise ball to work those nice, round glutes. Then she pours the contents of a water bottle all over her halter top and stretchy pants. Cameltoe, anyone? Bridgette gets out of her wet things and gets back on the ball to give herself another kind of workout, this one very old-school and hands-on. No equipment needed. "I train a lot at my gym," says Bridgette. "I am an addict about working out." But not exactly like she does in this scene, even though the gymophiles at her gym would love to see her perform this routine!"