Kira Clark A Mouthful of Nipple

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One of Kira Clark's bosom buddies is the great Molly Evans. You'll soon see a special scene of the two bra-busters with Katie Rose enjoying their big, juicy boobs in a tit-fantasy threesome. They couldn't keep their fingers and lips off each other. When we asked Kira about any special talents or skills she may have, she said she could touch her nose with her tongue. Another special talent Kira didn't write on her model bio was sucking her nipples, something she does a lot of in this video, and really well, too. Kira has a habit of sticking out her long tongue in her photos and it's a pretty tongue. She's also fond of making that Japanese ahegao face (the O-face) with a protruding tongue, upturned, wide-opened eyes and a panting expression. Kira has big, dreamy, bedroom eyes, a beautiful face, a sweet Mona Lisa smile and a girlfriend vibe that the camera picks up. Maybe it's the way she gazes at the lens in her photos and videos. She's a girly-girl all the way. Kira keeps spiders as pets. That might remind some of you of a fictional character who also has a pet spider.