The Golden Throat of Helena Hope

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"I had worked for years in the medical community but I realized that this [porn] is absolutely my calling. I love sharing my sexual desires and expanding my brand," said boob-star Helena Hope. In this video, Helena demonstrates how far down her throat she can swallow a long, thick cock-shaped dildo. When Helena is out and about, she gets plenty of eyes on her. She likes to walk as exercise, so she's definitely a traffic hazard, with all due respect. "It's just funny when you see them looking and they're with their girlfriends or wives. She'll just slap him. That's happened before. I pay attention. I try not to sometimes, but it gets really overwhelming when I'm in a crowded area. But I like it. I just love the attention I get for my big boobs. But I'm also the same way with looking at other big-breasted women. It's like boob envy."