Teen Zaya Cassidy Plays with Her Pointy Tits and Tight Pussy

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Zaya is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. That's The Sooner State. So when she contacted us and asked if she could model for our site, we said, "The sooner the better!" Zaya was born in 1997. She's 5'1", wears a tiny A-cup bra and weighs around 100 pounds. "I work as a dance instructor," she told us. "So I've really got to keep my body lean. I like to sing and dance, so it's not really that hard for me. Plus, I think that sex counts as exercise! I have sex two or three times a week, but I honestly could fuck every day. I've got a really strong sexual appetite." And we've got an appetite for 18-year-old pussy! There's something so tantalizing about seeing a cunt that's only been spread for one or two guys ever. It's practically virgin!