Charlotte Queen and the Red Bikini

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Charlotte Queen is having a relaxing day at the pool. She deserves it, and we deserve to watch her relax. Her time at the pool may be relaxing for Charlotte but she has everyone else wound up. Her beautiful body is made for bikinis. Charlotte models her latest purchase, a red bikini. Her sexy tits are a little too big for her top and the bottoms are too small to cover her lovely butt cheeks. That's the way it should be. She takes her bikini off and gets busy playing with her show-stopping body. The water is chilly and gives her goosebumps. Charlotte will need to warm up in her favorite way. When Charlotte is not doing webcam shows and photo shoots, she keeps busy taking care of her dog, doing household chores and shopping. When she can find the time and the weather is nice, she likes taking long walks. We doubt that Charlotte takes long walks wearing a bikini but it's a nice daydream.