A Tight Skirt and Short Skirt for Desiree Vega

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"This sweater makes my tits look huge," says California girl Desiree Vega at the start of this SCORELAND video. That's what we live for. Not only is Desiree's sweater tight but so is her extremely short skirt. Slim and stacked doesn't begin to describe how sexy beautiful Desiree is and what a fantastic body she has. She takes off her sweater to reveal her big boobs ready to bust out of a tight, sheer bra. Desiree takes off her skirt and bra and shakes her booty at the camera, spanking herself. She tries on a long-sleeve turtle neck sweater that clings to her chest like cellophane. Slipping off her skimpy panties, Desiree shakes her tush at the camera again and spanks it. Turning around, Desiree picks out a pink cardigan that looks very tiny. Before she buttons it up, Desiree shakes her big boobs and shows every inch of her sensational body. We wonder if she would wear that cardigan going out. Now totally nude, Desiree bounces and shakes, thrusting her boobs, pussy and butt at the camera. "I dress to emphasize my breasts and waistline," says Desiree. "I love to put on tight tops, low V-necks and halter tops." And we're extremely grateful for that.