Autumn Cumz Journey to Uranus

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Autumn Cumz is the real-life sister of SCORE model Anna Loren (November '09 SCORE magazine). "Autumn took a couple of nudie pictures of me in her bathroom and we sent them in to SCORE through," Anna said in an interview. "I never even thought about it, but she brought it up and I thought it sounded like fun. Not a problem. My family has a very open mind about sex." Our video-man asks Autumn and her friend if they'd like to make a porn video. They're into the idea because they make videos in their bedroom for themselves, so he brings them in to his afternoon photo shoot. He first asks Autumn a few questions then has her suck on her guy's woodie. She rubs her pussy as she blows him. Autumn looks good with a cock in her mouth and makes those popping sounds when she takes the dick out of her mouth. She could have a career making pornies. She orals better than many professional porn stars. It's time to fuck. Autumn mounts her friend's cock and rides it hard. She keeps her cunt shaved to heighten her sensitivity. This couple enjoys fucking and Autumn takes directions without hesitation. Her dude has trained her well. Autumn loves his cock in her ass. She sticks it in the air for penetration. Her butthole is tight but his methodical drilling eventually opens her up for his entire shaft. Autumn is really turned on by the anal injection. They switch positions so he can fuck her ass in missionary. After she cums, she wants his nut-batter. He unloads a massive volume in her open mouth and outstretched tongue. She resumes sucking his meat, cleaning his cock with her tongue, cum dripping from her face onto her tits. Autumn tells our camera operator that she loves the taste of cum. That's obvious.