Fucked by an Angel

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During much of the action in this scene, Barbara Angel stares and smiles directly into the camera lens with a very lustful, lascivious look in her eyes. The photographer loved this. It signaled that Barbara was thinking about the guys who would be watching this video. This adds a lot of heat. Except for the opening, Miss Angel hardly looks at Richy. Barbara's passionate and randy and eager to own his dick like it's her new toy. She really works it over. An everyday girl with an everyday office job, having sex for our cameras is a change from her everyday life. Sex with or without a camera recording them is a hobby for Czech girls, more than girls of any another nationality, or so it seems. SCORELAND: Who's in charge in the bedroom, you or your partner? Barbara: I prefer when it's my partner in control. SCORELAND: Have you ever given a blowjob in a moving car? Barbara: Yes, but only once. SCORELAND: Have you ever gone out with a guy who didn't like tits? Barbara: Yes, but luckily I've got a nice ass! SCORELAND: How do you like your breasts touched? Barbara: I like light, soft touches, like a butterfly brushing against them. SCORELAND: How important is sex in your life? Barbara: Quite a lot. I am very horny. And I think sometimes you can measure a good relationship by how good the sex is.