A Lavish Picnic Spread

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Busty Lavish Styles has a personal trainer who gets on her to work-out harder before he gets on her to lick his hard-on. He has Lavish run up and down stairs and do boobie-bouncing calisthenics before they call it a day and get down to the real business at hand. Lavish is not liking his fitness exhortations at all, and she is running out of gas. She will need a fill-up, and his cock will serve as the hose. Lavish lies down on a towel to stretch out her legs. Carlos takes this opportunity to finger her bushy pussy, bringing the finger to Lavish's mouth so she can suck off her own juices. He tells Lavish to stick her ass in the air so he can finger-fuck her deeper. Well, it looks like this training session has moved on. Carlos strips naked and gets on his back so Lavish can eat his rod and tit-fuck him from up top. Once he's stiff, she rides him in cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl. They switch to a nice doggie fuck to get deeper insertion into her cunt. This way, Lavish can turn her pretty face to look at him while he plows her and asserts his rightful male domination of her slim body. He gets on top of her and holds up her hips so he can fuck her even harder, then he pulls out so she can stroke him off with her own hand, an always welcome sight. Her rapid-fire jacking empties his balls all over her stomach and tits. There's nothing better than a work-out student who actually obeys her instructor! After this sexercise routine, a nice nap sounds like the ticket!