Skylar Rei gets fucked on-camera and loves it

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In an intimate scene in which the man and woman are very much into each other, Skylar Rei, a 40-year-old cougar from Detroit, Michigan, has her way with a big-dicked stud and cums multiple times. He cums once, all over her pretty C-cup tits. Skylar is our kind of woman. When we asked her if she plays any sports, she listed foxy boxing, pole dancing and pole dance competitions. She was a stripper for 11 years. She's also into gymnastics and parkour (look it up). Her perfect day or evening: "Sleeping with my phone on do not disturb." What she wants to try that she hasn't done: "Anal, pegging dirty bad boys and sex outdoors." Pegging: ass-fucking a guy with a strap-on. Any volunteers to be the peggee? Favorite kinds of dates: "Any kind that involves food and getting fucked at the end or just sitting around playing video games." Hey, we have an idea: dinner, fucking, video games, more fucking, video games, more fucking. Sexual fantasy: "I want to be in a gangbang." We'd rather be involved in that than the pegging scenario.