The Sex Games Busty Divorcees Play

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Tahnee Taylor appeared in March 2009 40Something magazine as Liana. At the time, she was a divorcee and working in sales when she decided to pose solo for a men's magazine. "After I split with my ex-husband, I went through the typical phase that all divorcees go through when they're horny as hell," she said to the mag's editor. "I wanted to try it and see if I would enjoy it." No one heard from her since that magazine, until now. Now she's back four years later and calling herself Tahnee and this blonde bra-buster is fucking and sucking on camera. She couldn't hold back anymore on these cravings. It's as if the floodgates of her pent-up sexuality had given way and she wants as much professional-cock as she can get, the camera only adding to her lust factor. When Tahnee met her fuck buddy in this fresh SCORE Video "The Sex Games Busty Divorcees Play," she was all over him. "I like to have sex at least two times a day," says Tahnee. "I like younger guys with a lot of stamina. Al had plenty of that when he was thrusting inside my ass in our scene. And what a lot of cum he had saved up. I rubbed his cock all over my face when it came out. He really came buckets. I wish I could meet more studs like him." Al is fascinated by Tahnee's big jugs when the camera begins rolling and sucks them hard, sticking a finger in Tahnee's mouth until he can give her some hard cock-candy to suck on. She juggles her tits, shoving them in his face. She licks his shaft from balls to cock-head, then lays back to get dick between her cleavage. Tahnee can't wait to get her cunt filled. Al obliges, thrusting deep. Tahnee now wants his cock in her ass and tells him so. He's glad to accommodate the busty divorcee. Why do so many older women want cock in their assholes? Anal is something many of them never did when they were young girls and 30somethings. Now that they're mature, many of them suddenly want it in the rear hatch after the pussy is satisfied. Al gives Tahnee a ramrod ass-drilling in several positions and she can really take it hard. Al is about to blow his load in Tahnee's ass and tells Tahnee. She tells Al she wants it on her face. They stop fucking and Tahnee gets on her knees. She starts jacking him, while she looks at the camera with her long tongue hanging out of her mouth. A big wad of jizz squirts her face and Tahnee rubs his spurting cock on her face, then licks his shaft clean. Al tells her that some cum is on her big tits. "Yummy," Tahnee says and lifts her tits with hands and tongues the spillage, licking as much cum as she can get. All props to Tahnee Taylor, our kind of woman and a busty cum lover.